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Friedrich Wicke


Friedrich is what Germans call a bunter Hund “colorful dog”: He completed two Bachelor’s degrees (Econ and Mathematics) in Berlin, studied & did Research at Harvard and Max Planck Institute and started several projects related to Entrepreneurship and Education: *starcode, a non profit that wants to increase Gender Diversity in Computer Science by offering coding courses to High School Girls, a university group that connects ambitious students interested in Artificial Intelligence from all of Berlin, a podcast about successful Entrepreneurs and Researchers from Europe. While his education is mostly in science, he draws a lot of inspiration from visual and performing arts.


Gero Embser


Gero can be considered a bit of a child prodigy: When he was still in school, he was already writing apps to improve the German education system, and that with huge success: He received a “Jugend forscht” prize and Apple was so im-pressed by his work, they flew him out to California to participate in a Developers conference. Originally from Mönchen-gladbach, he moved to Berlin to study Computer Science, where he started a non-profit called Lern-Fair. Lern-Fair con-nects pupils with University students for free Online tutoring. They won countless awards and by now have several full time employees. Besides being a successful non-profit Entrepreneur, Gero shares a passion for architecture. For a long time, everyone thought he was going to be an architect (including himself). He's still that architecture-loving perfectionist who can't stop incorporating good design and perfect functionality into his software.